Who We Are

We help people be the best friend their dog deserves.

We believe nothing is warmer than a best friends’ hug, nothing is cozier than your best friends’ presence.True comfort is knowing your best friend has your back. That’s why we create products that help pet owners show their furry friends how much they care for them

We are creating a world where every dog, regardless of breed, appearance, age or ability finds comfort.

Dogs are not just our customers' pets, but members of our community. And, as members of our community, they don’t judge. No matter who you are, your gender, race or faith, your dog will provide you with friendship. Our ambition is to treat them as well as they treat us. That means creating a friendlier and more comfortable world for every single dog on the planet.

Made by pet lovers for pet lovers

We watch, listen, test and create with an understanding of what our best friends (and their human) need. The result speaks for itself, after all, the most innovative products come from the most committed teams.

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